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The classic term “You are what you eat”, was originally coined by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

The French lawyer had said “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are”. Even he understood the gravity of the things we ingest...

The average American is a domesticated consumer, in a technologically advanced period of time. Not only that, we have to contend with the seemingly endless variety of not just food but media, environments, substances, beverages, clothing, friends and internal integrity.

I find it amusing how there is a cliche saying for just about everything that needs a “reason” or “explanation”. It seems that when human beings consistently experience one thing enough, they find themselves compelled to create a funny or witty saying to encapsulate that experience. 

“You are the 5 people you hang out with the most”. 

If the person(s) you turn into your company don’t have qualities you desire or goals you want to achieve, it’s easy to lose track. Actually, it's really difficult to stay ON track!

I firmly believe that every individual has a purpose. The difficult and often confusing part is finding out what that is!

You must separate all the external noise to hear the quiet inner goal. One must listen intently to your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires to discover your unique purpose. Once you have a hunch or instinct about what makes you tick, you must develop the courage to embrace it as part of your everyday life! Not everyone pursues their goals or interests… 

And truthfully, who blames them? It’s hard!

Amidst millions that are angry and upset, many that feel they’ve already wasted too much time. The majority of us seem to be caught up in the rat race of life, and time flies by leaving us wondering where it all went and wondering why we are stuck in the same situations. 

…We are all dying slowly and waiting around for the inevitable. The American cultural perspective fears death, and perpetuates anxieties about circumstances and conditions outside our control. American individuals feel trapped or helpless in an aging body and society with no vision for a hopeful future in sight. We are all chasing thrills and a dopamine rush.

For the few that see through the bullshit… There is resentment towards those who navigate through this massive illusion. Failing to accept the rat race and miserable status quo will lead to those around you belittling you, ignoring you, or even becoming violent. They will slander you or attempt to make you feel less than them just to bring you to their level of discontent with life. 

This insecurity and attack on others comes from a place of jealousy, because we know we all deserve to pursue what we enjoy!

Learn to look for reassurance within yourself and forgiveness for the people that try to tear you down. Being hateful does nothing but make the line between us a little thicker.

By living in your own image of truth, you can start to inspire others to do the same. If you find that no one around you is representing the qualities and attributes you want, spend time with yourself! 


Even though humans are social creatures, it is important for us to learn to be by ourselves as individuals. When we spend time with ourselves we can develop a level of spiritual fortitude from exploring and searching the inner world of our mind and spirit. Here we can find the answers to complex life questions.

Sometimes in life we rely on those around us for security, for comfort, for help, and for their simple company. But this can create a trap of co-dependence. 

Embracing loneliness and solitude can help set you free! It can be difficult to have no one to lean on, but it removes the constant need for an external frame of reference or viewpoint for all your endeavors and experiences. Some moments are better experienced by yourself than in the presence of others.

Embracing solitude, you may begin to see that, uninfluenced, your true personality and desires can manifest and resonate! What happens after that change is remarkable. You may find that once you spend personal time developing yourself and growing into yourself, that when you do finally step out socially again you will attract individuals more aligned with your interests and with similar goals in mind. You make actual friends! With no fear of them disliking the “real you”, we unlock the ability to become a true community. This is the virtue of solitude in a socially-driven world! 


It is important for us to acknowledge and embrace both our strengths and weaknesses as a collective effort to improve. By relying on each other's skills and opinions, we can address the challenges we face together. While it may be tempting to place blame solely on world leaders and politicians, it is crucial that we take personal responsibility for our actions.

Assuming responsibility leads to increased open-mindedness, love, and creativity. It involves recognizing all forms of work and energy as expressions of art, without categorizing them as superior or inferior. I truly believe that the dissatisfaction people feel in their lives often stems from a lack of interest in their jobs or careers. This lack of ambition and personal involvement contributes to the general discontent experienced by the majority of workers. 

Issues such as world hunger, overpopulation, and various social, economic, or domestic problems can be traced back to failures within the capitalist global system. It’s no wonder we are beleaguered by problems like climate change, pandemics and disease, and political violence and unrest when everything seems to lack true accountability and organization from our jobs to the offices of federal and local government. Everything is a shitshow. Just look at how we treat the environment and animals… As above, so below…

Originally, our human ancestors migrated and evolved in the search of food. However, our increased dependence on societal structures like governments and corporations for our basic needs has created a disconnect. We are no longer independent and self-responsible for our survival. We are no longer hunters, gatherers, or farmers or builders. We are consumers and workers. This disconnection leads to feelings of anger, boredom, and mental illness.

This state of being is not what we were designed for. We were not meant to be fragmented, violent, or excessively domesticated to the point of losing touch with our natural instincts. There is an inherent natural order and rhythm to the World that we should respect and align ourselves with. 


YOU. YOU are the solution!

…You, wherever you are reading this. 

You possess a unique perspective, shaped by your personal experiences and challenges. You are an essential component within the intricate machinery of life, and if one part malfunctions, the entire system falters.

Release the notion that circumstances must remain unchanged. Embracing change is difficult because it requires letting go of what we currently perceive as truth.

By acknowledging our imperfections, we open ourselves up to improvement. To strive for perfection, we must first admit that there are flaws in the way things have been. It can be painful. Even with considerable effort, we may still fall short.

In my view, a significant issue in our small corner of the world is our lack of awareness regarding what we consume. There seems to be an app, a quick fix, a solution, a person, an idea, a particular niche, or a piece of art for everything. We can endlessly consume, absorbing our parents' dreams, our partner's dysfunction, chemicals, and mysterious ingredients that do not exist in nature. We might even discover that a mere 30 seconds of silence leaves us craving stimulation. 

With an abundance of food, media, information, and bullshit to consume, we often forget to take a step back and reflect on how they shape us.

To avoid making this too lengthy, I want to propose a goal. Over the next week, try to cultivate awareness of what you consume as frequently as possible. It could be just once or several times throughout the day. You don't need to stop or change anything; simply become conscious of it.

What thoughts occupy your mind when you wake up? What do you eat? Who do you engage in conversation with? Which show do you watch or music do you listen to?

By gradually paying attention to how you spend your time, you enable the projection of your inner voice.

Together, let's strive for collective awareness.

My intention in writing this is to discover my unique form of expression. I aim to emphasize that finding solutions on a global scale begins with focusing on the minuscule aspects of our lives. Encouraging one another to embrace our individuality will initiate a powerful transformation of our personal existences.