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Palmistry, also called Chirology, is the mystical art of reading people's palms to determine their fortunes and luck.

The phrase Chirology comes from the Greek words kheir manteia translated as “hand divination”, and that is exactly what palmistry is.

Different systems of palmistry can be found in many cultures all over the world including European and Asian. The most prominent include the palmistry methods and practices found in Romani Culture, in Hindu/Vedic Astrology, as well as Chinese spiritual practices. 

Fortune Teller Hand With Palmistry Diagram Gradient Sticker

Palmistry has always been considered a sacred and respected science, and even great historical leaders like Alexander the Great would choose their officers for commanding troops in battle based on those candidate’s palm readings.

Unfortunately, the Catholic Church and many Protestant Christian groups have generally viewed reading palms as a forbidden art and as a heretical and superstitious practice. Orthodox Islam also considers palmistry as haram or forbidden by religious law and custom. Many modern scientists discredit palmistry and think it is superstitious nonsense.

The TRUTH is, however, that there IS power in your hands!


One of the main driving principles behind Palmistry is that because the Universe is created by a supreme being, this creation is similar to a masterpiece work of art.

Like all artists, this supreme creator being would most likely leave a signature of some sort within the creation that serves as proof of work.

This idea is the embodied spiritual concept of the Doctrine of Signatures, which has existed since the middle ages.

Even older than that is the occult principle of As Above, So Below which basically means that at every level of scale within the Universe, there is a similarity and correspondence with the other level of scales.

This correspondence solely arises because the Universe is a wonderful and beautifully crafted and created structure.

Therefore, the divinatory art of Palmistry, is the knowledge gained from looking at the hand of a created living being, a masterpiece of GOD, and recognizing the patterns manifested within this creation.

It is knowing that an individual person’s fate, future, luck, personality and related aspects of the self are influenced and paired with the heavens above and the earth below and that there are signs of such things within the hands of this subject.

Knowing how to discern these signs can allow you to understand these traits and make better meaning and understanding of life events and one’s future!


There are many ways to read a person’s palms. When reading a person’s palms, you will want the person who is being read to clench both their hands into a tight fist while you clasp both fists with your hands. Together, slowly have the individual open both hands while you hold them. You may need to repeat this process a few times. This allows the creases, folds, and lines of the hands to become more prominent and easier to discern.

Dominant Hand: When reading palms, it’s important to identify the dominant hand of the individual being read. There are many variations on the meaning of your dominant hand vs your nondominant hand with palmistry. The most common interpretation is that the nondominant hand represents attributes you are born with, and the dominant hand represents attributes you cultivate throughout your life.

Heart Line, Head Line, Life Line, Fate Line: If you have heard of palm reading before then you probably recognize the so-called Heart, Head, Life, and Fate lines.

  • Heart Line: The Heart Line concerns all matters dealing with love, romance, passion, and intimacy. It is found directly where your hand folds, below your fingers.

  • Head Line: The Head Line concerns intellect, wisdom, intelligence, learning, and skill acquisition. This line starts usually under the index finger and stretches across the length of the palm. It is not uncommon to see the Head Line combined with the Life Line.

  • Life Line: The Life Line represents one’s health, physicality, vigor, and vitality. It can reveal patterns of illness or sickness and can represent major changes that may arise over an individual’s life. The length of one’s Life Line is not an indicator of how long a person will live, but rather what challenges and obstacles a person may face while living. The Life Line appears where the ball of the thumb meets the palm.

  • Fate Line: A person’s Fate Line deals with an individual’s destiny and career. It also represents personal growth and achievement. The Fate Line ultimately tells you what the future holds in store! Not everyone has a clearly defined Fate Line. It is the vertical line that cuts down through the center of the palm.


Understanding the Mounts of the Hand: On every person’s hand are subtle bumps of flesh located usually at the base of each finger and the edge of the palms. These bumps are known as ‘Mounts’ and represent the corresponding astrological connections between us and the stars.

Just as the Moon through gravity impacts the tides of the oceans, when we are born the exact position of astrological bodies in the heavens can form us in certain ways.

In palmistry, these astrological influences are understood through the formation and presence of the mounts, which provide additional insight for the palm reader into the fortune, health, and personality of the subject being read.

  • Mount of Jupiter: The Mount of Jupiter is located at the base of an individual’s forefinger, directly above the Mount of Inner Mars. The Mount of Jupiter represents power, leadership, authority, ambition, willpower, self-esteem, and self-respect. Understanding the Mount of Jupiter can provide insight into a person’s goals in life, and the type of work they would excel best at.

  • Mount of Saturn: The Mount of Saturn is located at the base of an individual’s middle finger. The Mount of Saturn represents one’s ethics and integrity, including their virtues and morals. Understanding the Mount of Saturn can provide insight into a person’s character and personality, as well as their trustworthiness.

  • Mount of Apollo (Sun): The Mount of the Sun is located at the base of an individual’s ring finger. The Mount of the Sun represents the emotional nature of people, their affinity for art and culture, and perception of what is important. It highlights an individual’s interests and focuses in life. Understanding the Mount of the Sun can provide insight into what a person values and appreciates the most.

  • Mount of Mercury: The Mount of Mercury is located at the base of an individual’s pinky. The Mount of Mercury is associated with Hermes and the mercurial pursuit of knowledge. It represents wisdom and intellect. Understanding the Mount of Mercury can indicate an individual’s work ethic, their ability to communicate, and their understanding of things.

  • Mount of Mars: The Mount of Mars is divided into three separate types including the Mount of Inner Mars, the Mount of Outer Mars, and the Plain of Mars. The Mount of Inner Mars is located on the side of the palm between the Mounts of Jupiter and Venus. The Mount of Inner Mars represents bravery and action, as well as hostility and aggressiveness. The Mount of Outer Mars is located on the side of the palm between the Mounts of Mercury and the Moon. The Mount of Outer mars represents self-control, addiction, endurance, and perseverance. The Plain of Mars is located directly in the center of the palm between the Inner and Outer Mounts of Mars. It is associated with the level of energy and drive in an individual, as well as their innate desire to accomplish goals and tasks.

  • Mount of the Moon: The Mount of the Moon is located on the base of an individual’s palm, underneath the little finger and the Mount of Outer Mars. The Mount of the Moon is associated with the mysteries of life, and imagination. It represents the acquisition of occult and esoteric knowledge. Understanding the Mount of the Moon can reveal how creative a person is and how strong their instincts and intuition are.

  • Mount of Venus: The Mount of Venus is located on the ball of the thumb, directly below the Mount of Inner Mars and next to where a person’s Life Line often manifests. The Mount of Venus is associated with love, intimacy, romance, and passion. Understanding the Mount of Venus and its composition in an individual can lead to insights into how a person manages their love life and partnerships.


    The hands are the quintessential tool of the alchemist because it is with our hands that we manipulate and interact with the world around us.

    Understanding the relationship between alchemical principles and teachings and being able to relate them to the practice of palm reading can provide deep psychological and mystical insight into the self and others.

    In palmistry systems that work with alchemical doctrine, you will often find the characterization of individuals into four elemental types.

    • Earth Hands: A person with Earth Hands has wide square-shaped palms with thick or rough skin. Individuals with Earth Hands tend to be very practical and reasonable folks, who value hands-on experience when learning.

    • Air Hands: Those with Air Hands usually have square or rectangular shaped palms with long slender fingers. Air hands can feature large knuckles and dry skin. With air hands, the length of the palm is equal to the length of the fingers. People with Air Hands are very intellectual and mind oriented. They like to think about complex ideas and are good communicators usually.

    • Water Hands: Individuals with Water Hands usually have short, circular palms. People with water hands are generally emotional creatures and are strong empaths. They sometimes have increased extrasensory perception, and are really good at identifying how those around them are feeling.

    • Fire Hands: People with Fire Hands have hands with square or rectangular shaped palms. Fire hands also have flushed or pink skin and significantly shorter fingers. In fact, those with fire hands will have palms with lengths that are greater than the length of the fingers! Individuals with fire hands are full of energy, and can be very impatient… but they can make great leaders due to their energy and composition!


    Because palmistry is a practice found in several different cultures, there are a variety of palm reading systems with their own unique symbols and methodologies. There is a lot of great resources online for learning and reading more about Palmistry, including several articles that are simply amazing and informative!

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