Written By: Zach Champ,
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What IS Sacred Geometry? Is Sacred Geometry simply just a pseudoscience, or is it representative of the innate spiritual nature of our reality?

The truth is that Sacred Geometry is the expression of the divine’s influences in the universal creation through patterns, constraints, and peculiarity of design within all things within the Universe.

When you try and reduce the Universe down to its most basic fundamental building blocks, those elements are shapes. This consequently makes geometry an inherently essential component to life and everything around us.

Yet it goes deeper than just simple shapes and patterns…

Geometry is a branch of mathematics and mathematics influences everything in the Universe!

Math has often been considered the so-called universal language. The ancients gained deep insight into the nature and value of the Universe around us by examining simple arithmetic patterns. They deduced great theories and realizations.

To our ancient ancestors’ numbers and math represented the work of God and Creation, and always had- mathematics was sacred art and science!

Consider for instance, that if you took the formula (11111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321), this mathematical formula contained spiritual lessons on the true nature of creation and the underlying structure of reality.

God, the Demiurge, the Monad, the ONE would take in and reflect on itself, only to produce all that can be. This type of understanding and philosophy of reality and the Universe entranced the Greeks, Romans, Ancient Chinese, Ancient Indian, Arab and all other subsequent cultures of the Old World.

Many mathematical laws are important to the physics of our reality, and the creation of life and material. Perhaps the most important mathematical law in relation to geometry is the Golden Ratio or Phi.

The Golden Ratio represents the universal average or mean between two quantities of any kind and how these quantities seemingly have a repeating pattern of scale and size.

This is represented in the mathematical formula of one plus the square root of a number divided by two.

Interestingly enough, you will find the Golden Ratio represented in all aspects of life- from the spiral growth of a snail’s shell to the rings of a tree trunk, to the formation of the Milky Way Galaxy.

They all have a similar pattern in their creation! This represents the inherent sacredness of mathematics, geometry, and proves an underlying structure and intelligent design and pattern of our amazing Universe!

Sacred Geometry is important because it helps determines the physical and dimensional constraints of all objects in the Universe. Therefore, it also determines everything’s design, appearance and material manifestation.

Ultimately, sacred geometry represents how the Universe is a created structure and the underlying pattern that is reflected within that creation.

Perhaps one of the best examples of this idea is the fractal.

The fractal is a geometric shape where each part or aspect is reflected in scale with the whole of that object.

With a fractal, no matter where you look, if you take a small piece of that shape, you will find that it is reflected infinitely within that geometric object.

A fractal never loses its self-similarity and repetitive quality no matter at what perspective you view it.


The sacred knowledge of geometry and mathematics has always been revered by humanity for its ability to elevate our technological, creative, and crafting aptitude. As a result, these concepts have heavily influenced society and culture and have been appreciated by different groups in different ways over the past few thousand years of known history.

There are many examples of sacred geometry utilized in the creation of ancient and historical architecture which showcases the magnificence and brilliance of our ancient ancestors and the knowledge they possessed about themselves and the world around them.

The most impressive include the ancient pyramids of Egypt, including the Great Pyramid of Giza, as well as structures like Stonehenge.

One of the essential elements of Freemasonry and these crafts has always been the sacred art of geometry.

Shapes and forms are of prime importance to Freemasonry, and the geometer’s tools- the compass and the square- are themselves essential and recognizable Masonic symbols.

Islamic Art and Architecture is filled with powerful patterns of geometry and shapes that create wonderful abstract forms.

This is done purposefully to invoke the creative quality of God (Allah) and their creation which is life and the Universe.

The Cathedrals of Medieval and Renaissance Europe themselves incorporated the impressive use of geometry to create beautiful architectural masterpieces.

Many of these Cathedrals are adorned with symbolic geometric patterns that provide an additional spiritual impact with the experience of being present in one of these buildings.


There are innumerous examples of sacred geometry within nature. As mentioned earlier the golden ratio or phi is especially expressed in the design of life and nature from the micro to the macro.

Examples of sacred geometry pervade art and culture all over the world and throughout all of human history.

One good example includes the Flower of Life symbol which is an ancient symbol that has been found in many cultures within the old world including the earlier mentioned ancient Islamic and other near-east cultures of antiquity as well as the Romans.

It was later adopted and used in medieval European gothic architecture.

When you take a series of circles and keep overlapping them in a repeated pattern of equally distant radius, you will find a stunning visual design emerge. This is known as the Flower of Life.

The Tree of Life is another important geometric symbol that comes from the practice of Kabbalah or Jewish Mysticism.

It’s a complex symbol with many layers of interpretation and understanding.

Briefly and generally speaking it represents the arrangement of the 10 Sefirot or 'divine emanations and light' of God.

These emanations are divine qualities that when combined in various ways symbolically represent how God formed the creation of all in the Universe.

They are characterized as virtues such as beauty, strength, kindness, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, victory, etc. 

Within Art, there are so many impressive examples of the Golden Ratio, Sacred Geometry, and other mathematical principles and patterns.

Consider for instance perspective and how intersecting lines can create a sense of scale and depth within a 2-d dimensional canvas or paper. This is magic before our eyes and representative of our own actual reality!

Pop-Up Pattern - Zentangle Inspired 3D Illusion Art - 2D to 3D Patterns -  YouTube

Think about in photography how the rule of thirds helps bring things into proper focus and perspective.

The artistic concepts of perspective and form are inherently tied to Sacred Geometry and the combination and use of points, lines, and shapes in various ways!

Art is powerful in this means of creative expression because of these spiritual and core principles of design and pattern!