Written By: Zach Champ
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Stoners are innovators and there’s no end to the ingenuity of a smoker who is searching for a way to smoke their favorite flower!

Humans have been smoking cannabis for thousands of years. Some of the most ancient items to be discovered at archeological sites are smoking pipes, many which contain trace amounts of cannabis residue. 

No one is sure when exactly hemp or marijuana was brought from the old world to the new world but it is believed to have been the Spanish who introduced it to the Americas.

The Spanish were known to cultivate and use hemp fiber for producing canvas cloth for their sailing ships and to create durable ropes. 

African slaves also brought cannabis seeds with them when being transported across the Atlantic, and the majority of plantation owners would let the slaves grow their own hemp and marijuana crops. 

Several native American tribes cultivated hemp, including the Virginia Powhatan, as observed by early British colonists.  



Light n puff! Personally, this is my preferred method of smoking!

Bowls or ‘spoon pipes’ are the most common way to smoke cannabis. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made out of wood, metal, glass, silicon, and other similar durable materials! 

The earliest smoking pipes were made out of wood. Glass pipes started in the 20th century, with the first patent for a glass pipe being in 1977.

Glass blowing is an art form that goes back thousands of years. 

Ancient civilizations mastered the techniques of creating glass after being inspired by observing lightning hit sandy beaches. They would find naturally formed glass shards at these spots and would attempt to recreate the same effect using kilns.


Perhaps one of the fanciest ways to smoke cannabis is through the use of a glass bong.

What is a Glass Bong? Glass bongs are a type of smoking glass apparatus. They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles but the most typical kind are straight-tube bongs, flask style bongs, bubblers, and even gravity bongs!

Using a bong often provides a smoother and cleaner hit when smoking. Bongs can help prevent rough dry hits and the excessive coughing that comes from smoking, especially with daily or consistent smokers.

Don’t drop the bong! Cheaply made and older design bongs are not durable and can easily break.

Nowadays though there are several options for stoners looking to become high without spending money each time they accidentally drop their bong. Some popular types of bongs include double blown glass, metal, silicone, and others.

A useful trick for preventing your bong from breaking is to place a hair scrunchie around it as a safeguard to protect it from dings and scratches.

When considering purchasing or smoking out of a bong you will want to pay attention to several factors. For instance, what is the bong made of? Does it have a built in slide or just a removal bowl piece? Does it have percolators? These factors can influence the quality of your smoking session.

What are percolators? Percolators are the fancy attachments and layers found in glass bongs that create the percolating or bubbling effect required for the bong to provide its characteristic smooth cooled hits. Anytime air passes through bubbling water it is partially cooled. The more percolators, the more smooth and less irritating your bong hit will be. You want a bong that is “perky”

What is a Gravity Bong? A gravity bong or “GB” is a special variant of the typical bong. Unlike regular bongs which require you to inhale to pull smoke, gravity bongs use air pressure and water to draw the smoke. Gravity bongs are often homemade and will comprise a bucket or cut milk jug filled with water for the basin, and a cut 2-liter soda or water bottle as the bong head. When smoking a GB, the dried weed is usually packed into a wrench socket affixed to a bottlecap. Gravity bongs highlight the engineering prowess and genius of stoners.


Roll one up! Blunts are a method of smoking involving the use of tobacco leaf wraps or gutted cigar leaf. 

The tradition of smoking tobacco with marijuana comes from when Native Americans and Black/Indian slaves first met and interacted in the Caribbean islands and American southeast. 

The slaves brought their passion and love of marijuana to the New World while local Native tribes educated their fellow peers on the ceremonial, social, and physical benefits of tobacco. 

From this, a tradition was born! 

The brand of cigar wraps that people prefer to smoke varies from region to region but typically is as follows:

  • Swisher Sweets for the south! Swisher Sweets is one of the earliest tobacco companies still in production, having started in 1958. 

  • Backwoods are always popular with stoners and include exotic flavors like Banana, Honey, Wild Rum, Russian Cream, Dark Stout, Honey Berry, and Original. The Backwoods company has been in business since 1981. 
    • Game cigars and blunts are predominantly popular in New-York City. They were first released in 2007. The Game Brand is produced by the cigar manufacturer Garcia y Vega which is based out of the Dominican Republic.


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    4. JOINT

    Joints, also known as “White-boys” or “Sheets” is a method of smoking involving the use of rolling papers and cannabis as a type of cigarette. 

    Sometimes tobacco is added to the mix as a “funnel”

    There are various types of rolling papers to choose from. It can be confusing understanding what all the different variations and sizes mean.

    Broadly speaking, rolling papers are often either classified as being bleached or unbleached. Multiple standard rolling paper sizes exist including 1 ¼, Double-Wide, and King Size. 

    If you love the feeling of smoking joints, but you have a difficult time rolling the papers yourself then you can use cones.

    Cones are pre-made tubes of rolling paper that are easy to pack and fill on the go.

    Some of the most popular brands of rolling papers for stoners include Big Bambu, Raw, Juicy Jay, Elements, ReallyHigh Rolling Papers

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    Are electronic vaporizers worth it? Absolutely!

    Electronic vapes are useful if you want a discrete, portable, and quick way to smoke and puff on the go! They often leave behind little to no odor and many are pocket sized and able to fit in a backpack or small purse.

    When you use an electronic vaporizer, it burns at the exact temperature required for combustion of the ground flower material. 

    However, the best part of using electronic vaporizers is that they don’t burn at the hotter temperatures that a lighter or direct flame does, thus they don’t char and burn the weed completely!

    This leaves you with still smoke-able leftover material even after taking several hits…

    There are copious amounts of electronic vaporizers on the market for use with cannabis, but not all vapes are built the same. A Lot are unfortunately garbage and poorly made.

    Some of the biggest name brand electronic vaporizers that are reliable and in-demand include:

    • Volcano by Storz-Bickel
    • G-Pen by Snoop Dogg
    • Kind Pen by Truva
    • Pax/Da-Vinci