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(Designed by Maryum Shahzeb for Inspire)  

Available now! Part of our TRADITIONAL series. 

SPIRIT ANIMAL is not a cliche, animals are teachers! ✨

This is a core tenet of native philosophy. By observing animals and nature we can learn alot about ourselves and others.

In honor of our local wildlife this hoodie features all of our animal teachers native to the East Coast: Deer, Crow, Raccoon, Beaver, and Coyote. It also features Sacred Corn and depicts an Oak Tree.  🦝🦌🦅🌽🍁

Culture is a compass which helps guide us through this turbulent life. 🧭

File:A Black Star.png - Wikimedia Commons

Disguise yourself and hide in plain sight or cover your head from the elements with our useful headwraps 🥷

Each headwrap is washable and reusable and made out of a light polyester based fabric that’s easy to breathe through! 🧺 ♻